Wednesday, 1 November 2017

TeamBonding Event by NICE APS,Bangalore

  Potluck- the word first time i heard, but a way  for team bonding

  POTLUCK- A team gathering where every member or guest contributes a different and unique dish of food which is mostly often a homemade with others.

    In a unique way, Raju Das, APS Engineer of our NICE Bangalore, thought to increase team bonding by organizing a Potluck  event in cafeteria room.

  Every member of APS team brought a different dish.It was organized in 2 shifts Lunch Potluck & Dinner Potluck. Have a look.

  After all  Team Work Makes Dream Work !  And such small events makes team bonding more strong. 😇😇

Team APS, Bangalore NICE

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