Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Work Environment......

 A lot of thanks to the readers: my friends & well wishers.. for giving their valuable suggestions and inspiring me to write further.Today, i would like to speak up to you and share my experience relating to the corporate world. Let me ask you a question:

Does Work Environment really matters in our Corporate Life.....???

      Some of the people may think it as a useless question as we do job only to earn money. But for me & to most of us,it is much beyond that. I strongly believe and most of  you would also agree:
     "If we keep our Employees happy, in return they will keep our Clients/Customers happy". That's what makes a good base of success in corporate.

I use to think like the same as i have shared you in my previous blog about the corporate world. But when I joined Mphasis, my views got changed. The environment here for working was quit attracting me. My manager Mr. Vishwanath S., is expressive and friendly towards there employees but same time passionate about the work.
   I made couple  of mistakes as i was new joiner before 3 months ago, but he did discuss it with me in such a way that would not make any of employee feel guilty and would inspire them to work on by sharing with us his real life stories and still he is the same.  Talking about the colleagues, yeah! they are also good and helps co-colleague whenever they get stuck to any problem and help them out and share the knowledge with others.
And ya colleagues from other team mates to are good enough with each others whether the person is from there team or not.I have made some friends from other teams.

 Talking about the Work environment of Mphasis, it is very good. Every month, there are Rewards and Recognition for the  deserving employees of each department. Time to Time, the Employee Engagement group of Mphasis organizes many activities for the employees to make them refresh.

 So, Healthy Work Environment is very essential in your life. It keeps you and me motivating towards our work and let us to be happy in our personal life too.

         Salary is not the key to happiness either. It actually comes in to play as a factor of unhappiness – we will be unhappy if we think others in our company or industry are being paid more to do the same. As per Princelon Study, people who are highly paid are relatively satisfied but are barely happier day to day, tend to be more tense and do not spend their time doing more enjoyable things, than lower paid people task.

     In fact, Perks are Less important than Engagement which occurs when staff feel they are contributing to something significant.


                   "Happiness is what something you do"

Please keep following points that will help you to enjoy your work Environment:

1.Random acts of workplace happiness: When was the last time you brought a co-worker a cup of coffee unprompted or without warning?

2.Stop negative behaviour: It acts like a cancer at your workplace.

3.Celebrate Success & Mistakes too.

        I hope you liked my today's article. Please share your valuable comments and suggestions about how you like it?  Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

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