Monday, 4 July 2016

Lets Spread Love Pune

                                       -Lets Spread Love Pune-

Participating in various Co-curricular  activities, social events and other various programs is my Interest..! Don't know why, I get attracted towards such activities wherever i am. 
 Completing 10 months in Pune, i got to know about various NGOs, volunteering groups, nature clubs and many more similar activities through Facebook. but as i was busy with my classes and was hunting for a job i could not take part in them,
 As I became stable with my new job, I found myself not interested in any other work. Life had a routine of only office and back to Room. Even on  my weekly offs which use to fall on weekdays,I was not able to hangout with my friends as timings don't  match. Then I came into contact of a group Facebook named :    Lets Spread Love Pune. 
      Being roots of this group in Bangalore, its a group of highly motivated and dedicated volunteers and donors who are focused on development of children in slum areas. Initiative taken by Ashutosh Morrison with his college Friends in Pune says, 
"The best feeling of happiness is when you're happy because you've made somebody else happy."
The Group includes almost working IT professionals mostly from Accenture,Wipro, Mphasis Ferraro India and many other MNC's, coming together for a good cause: Upliftment of Slum Children  who are far away from Education and Nourishment. Starting this initiative in the month of May, we had our 1st drive on May 15th. Being the first drive, it was some what difficult to manage all the drive. And Yesterday 3rd of July was our 3rd drive. It was raining heavily since morning but still our volunteers coming all the way to chinchwad from many parts of Pune, showed their 100 Percent dedication to bring the smile on the faces of Children.

We did our starting with Food donation drive. We request willing donors to donate freshly prepared home food in the box containers. Our volunteers collects this food from donors house & distribute them to this slum children. In starting, it was little less response, but as soon as time went by, our volunteers encourage people around them be a part of this good cause. Not only working professionals, but senior citizens also supported us in this cause by donating food.

  One such family I met yesterday in Pleasant Society-2,Fatima Nagar. They were so kindly. when I went to their home to collect the packed boxes in such a heavy rain, they asked me one question, "You are taking this food for the children in such a heavy rainy climate,  what would you eat? you also must be hungry?". This question let me Speechless...what to say? 
  On the way towards slum, thought came into my mind,  Do such kindful people does exist now also? Yes, there such people in our neighborhood who thinks about others also in this Selfish World.

The main thing about the LSL Pune is, we do not take money from any of donor though they are willing to offer by themselves. We just asking them donate food or other things that can be helpful to educate this children and make them one step away from Illiteracy. In pics, you can see many happy faces of Children when we went their for the drive. Like us, their are some college girls also who are teaching this slum children since two years. A grate salute to those girls..for such good initiative.

I would like to urge the people, specially those are in Pune Join the LSLP and be a part of Good Cause to Upliftment of Such Children.

"If we are well educated and we can't educate the needy one in life,Then there is no use of education we took.. !! "


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