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Nothing is Impossible for Woman......


 "Nothing is impossible to a determined woman.”   

This Famous Line from the book of  "The  Unknown Thrillers of Louisa " Signifies the importance  of Women in today's generation.Whichever field you explore, you will find in comparison to men, women are ahead Whether it may be Education field or Defense, Political or Social. 
         It consumed much time to think what to write on this... Coz its not a topic of limited scope.. its a topic of Widen horizons...
         Women are no longer behind the men in today's competitive world. Their talent and Passion towards their aim is what makes them one step ahead in the world.Going to share you some experience about some special women/Girls who inspired me to write  about "Nothing impossible for Women...." 

 The First one is whom we love very much in our life : Mother 

Maa, Mom, Aai, Mummy, Amma, Ammi  are the names by which we call her. No one can ever replace them in our life.She is the one who knows  us very well than anyone, she is the one who bears us with extreme pain when we are in her womb for 9 months, nourishes us, fulfill all our wishes. She does everything she can to make us a better person in this world. But today's generation youngsters are forgetting importance of Mother in there life. We left our parents in the condition they are... living them unattended, sending them to the old age homes. 
   When we both Me & Harsh younger brother... were small, my mom use to keep as alone in the home or towards neighborhood  and use to work whole day with Papa and still even she goes daily when we are grown up enough. I  use to feel sad when she use to left us alone at house. Now we grew up mature enough & busy in our lives.Whenever I see a family nearby me...It reminds me the sacrifice my Maa did for both of us. Now its our turn to keep her Happy, fulfill all her Wishes she deserves, expects from her children. Whenever  I visits home at  regular intervals, my Mom asks me why i come frequently, I just ignore this question. Might be she use to get answer  from my heart that how much I love them........
 I am sure everyone wants do same for there parents, make them proud. Love you Maa..

      The second one who inspired me most to write on : A Special Friend...

 Her journey of being an Entrepreneur by overcoming her Dyslexia is an inspiration of many young girls as well as women in the world of Crafting. She turned her passion and interest of art and craft into her profession by being the Enterpreneur at the age of  21, by quitting  highly paid job.
     She runs her own firm by the name of  "Haath Kam"  meaning "Work with Hands" to boost the Indian creativity. On quitting her handsome paid job, her friends made fun of her. But she was determined and focused towards her passion of turning her interest into the profession. 
  She  give the credits of  this to her Mother. She believes this talent  creativity is  gifted to her from her mother.   She runs her firm in a small storeroom of her house. 
 Over the period of six months, she has built up strong relationship with her customers in India  as well as Abroad. She deals with handicraft items like Handmade Greetings, Gift hampers, T-light holders, Jewellery boxes, Scrap books, Clay Photo Frames. Her handmade Customized Clocks  is in huge demand. 

She started suffering from Dyslexia since she was in 3rd Standard. Dyslexia or Reading disorder which is characterized by trouble in reading despite normal  intelligence. People thought it was a mental condition, but its actually not. She overcame this with continuous improvement over this. Now, she guides the people who are affected by Dyslexia to help them to overcome this and make them realize that nothing is impossible if we have strong will power to overcome it.  
   She has won many awards during her college days. The main thing about her work is, she started this work all from whatever money she had saved. She is now planning to work with Self-Help Groups with her motive to focus on low income people and provide them employment at very young age of just 21. Salute to you....

  This were the two women who inspires me most in my life. We all have at least one woman in our life who is an inspiration for us.

    Recently  Captain Radhika Menon, Master of the oil products tanker Sampurna Swarajya is the first women selected for the IMO Award for exceptional bravery at Sea for her role in dramatic rescue of Seven Fisherman from sinking fishing boat Durgamma in the sea of Bay of Bengal in June last year.

Captain Radhika Menon
        IMO- International Maritime Organization is United Nation's specialized agency responsible for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. 
Captain Radhika Menon with Rescued seven fisherman
   From the above, we came to know that, Women are not just destined for Kitchen.... there are destined to explore there life like men in the new horizons.. Live there life with  full of freedom, follow there passion.

    Don't Treat a women  as an animal that will follow your order as you say, but treat them as a human. Respect them.Save the  Girl child, don't differentiate between a boy & a girl. Both are Equal.

  So always remember,

             "Nothing is Impossible for Woman......

Sharing you a small Composition made by my best friend dedicated to all the woman  who wish to see infinite dreams, Thank you Amrita Chaudhari...

Dreams Infinite..... 
 Today on the Seashore...
Wet feets going down into the sand & Eyes flickering on pendulous water.
Comparing my dreams with the Ocean infront of me,
I realized both are deep....
Yes, I am the woman having Dreams Infinite...

Every new dream is revealing in my mind,
 coming wave pleasantly touches to the feets & 
going wave encouraging forward step.
Under the glorious sky, at the bottom of clouds,
I wish to fly so high..
Yes, I am the woman having Dreams Infinite

In such exciting time, my mind thinks:
 "I wish to the flower some silky dreams 
& unconsciously hide myself in it by holding 
 many colors & sun rays on the wings, I wish to take the flight. "
Yes, I am the woman having dreams Infinite...

With the encouraging waves, Feet steps up..
Lips are lipsing and Soul singing on a new Rythm.
Yes, I am the woman having dreams infinite....... 

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