Monday, 26 December 2016

The Clothes Donation Drive and Christmas Celebration...

Whats the Biggest Thing to give Someone??

    Its LOVE Bcoz, How much you give to Others,

                                                You get more in Return.....


     After the successful Daan Utsav, We  were ready for our next, CLOTHES DRIVE. All our volunteers were charged for this.  All things were planned were in perfect way.

Clothes Collection at  various drop points
       The donors gave so much response and we had gather countless of love for this underprivileged people in terms of clothes.It took many hands to sort the clothes as per age wise and gender at many collection centers so that it should reach at proper place in the hands of needy one.

     The day arrived for all of us we were waiting for. Preparations were on its peak to Spread the Smile & Share the Love. Dedicated Volunteers were ready for all 3 locations: Old age home(Navipeth),Orphanage(Wagholi) & Chinchwad  Slum area.

   After  distribution at Navipeth old age home, Volunteers from there joined Wagholi team for the next location. Volunteers had a meeting session with each other after arriving at orphanage and then we handed over the clothes to orphanage supervisor. We had some interaction with children residing over there and had a small kabaddi session with them.
                   Alternatively, volunteers at chinchwad were having great time with kids over there. 

The cute smiles...

Kids having fun..

       After a small tea break, we headed towards our destination. The Clothes drive ended happily and in organized way.
Volunteers team at different locations...

 The Christmas Drive.....

       Just 2 days after the clothes drive Neeraja our dedicated volunteer from Kalyani Nagar who works in Agrostar company at E-space(viman nagar),Pune informed us that her office employees are planning to donate Toys on eve of Christmas through our Lets Spread Love Pune  group. So the  planning began in no time.

LSL Volunteers Diksha, Rohit and Neeraja accepting Christmas gifts from Team AGROSTAR..

 The day came...25th of Dec,2016- CHRISTMAS DAY. We gather at Diksha's place as decided. AS soon as all arrived we started our journey towards ashram. On reaching there we were surprised to see Kunal and Ankit.
            The children were very happy to see us there. they all gather in the common hall and sat in disciplined way. 

Kids listening to volunteers attentively at Wagholi Ashram,Pune

 We had an interaction session with them, where some of them sang the song. the best part was when we asked the to stand for prayer and recite Navkar Mantra  which is daily verse to recite while praying.

Chocolate distribution and interaction with 10th Standard Students

      After Chocolate distribution, we had an interacting session with Children studying in 10th standard.We are trying to make some difference in their lives and to led their path towards their Dreams. 
  Some of them want to become IAS, some IPS, some want to go in ARMY, some  SINGER and DIRECTOR.

   It was indeed great Christmas celebration with this children in the true way.  We felt very happy and peaceful spending the time with them.

         Its true that Money is very important to live. But to be happy, you don't need money, you need to make some difference in others lives.  

                 Thanks to all volunteers who save their time  from busy scheduled and use it to spread the smile & Love on lovely faces of kids. Thanks to donors for their  kind support. 
       "Never Stop doing Little things for Others,
   Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their Heart."



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