Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Company I work with..


                      After  completing  11 months at Mphasis- my first job, I moved forward in my life with NICE LTD, Pune, where new challenges and many more surprises were waiting for me.

       When I came for the interview at NICE about one and half months back, I never knew that I would be lucky to be the part of this NICE family. It was whole day interview process, consisting of 5 rounds. Over the time, no. of things happened with me, would like to share you with.

                 Entering the office and greeted by the Security Guard in energetic way was how my interview day at NICE begin with !! Then as soon as entered the office, the walls attracted my eyes towards them. Colorful walls with some inspiring quotes written on them mesmerized me.

            Since it was a longday process and the HR knew it, They took us to office canteen which was not allowed for interviewers to access.we all interviewers had our lunch there and then back to waiting for turn.
     Meanwhile in waiting space, I just saw a big Bell hanging in the mid of floor. I got very curious to know the reason behind putting that bell there. in the Last round with HR Priyanka, I was unable to stop self and finally asked her the reason behind putting the bell in mid of floor. 
     The answer was very inspiring for me. She told that whenever any team achieves success in their work, the bell is rang by winning team, and all the employee gather over there to celebrate the achievement by the team. This let us know that happiness needs to be shared with others. 
      After couple of days I got  my offer letter from NICE and on 20th of March, I became the part of growing NICE family. On very first day, all the new joiners became friends and started there office journey's with it..!!

   After all team work is what leads to achievement in any organization..
Team NiceNOC
 In the next week, we had a grand induction program for new Joiners. Our team was lucky enough to have Mr. Barry Cooper to  be present at this event at courtyard marriot to interact with us all. Even our Global HR head, Mrs. Sigal presided in the event. With Couple of sessions by directors, we had some fun activities conducted by Head HR of NICE Ltd. India. 
           At last, we had a photo session with  Mr. Vijay Gondi, Head of NICE, Pune.

    Before few days, we had our team lead, Tushar's birthday celebration at office. First time  we got to know is  this is erver 1st bday celebration  in Team. So, Tushar took us for pizza party.

 So what makes a team? Coordination with each one of in team, working as a team, celebrating many events together like birthday's,Cup of Coffee gossips and many more. This what all i am experiencing here at NICE. Work culture needs to maintain to keep employees to stay with company for a long time.... After all,                                                                                                                                NICE is all about Creating Better Experiences...

     Lucky to have you as team mates and New friends: Vishakha, Dipti, Rohit, Snehal, Sanoop, Nikhil, Rohan, Shantanu, Priyanka,Ajay and old team members whom i dont know properly....

                 To know more about nice/Pune, visit: .

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