Sunday, 4 June 2017

The First Experience...

    The First AIR Journey....




 For most of us, since childhood, it has been dream of traveling in the plane  whenever we use to see it  upwards in the sky..

  Finally over the years, I got this chance to turn one of  the childhood dreams true. My sister-in-law's marriage was fixed on 27th of  May'17.  As soon as I got to know, immediately booked the tickets for Indore from Pune. The one way journey was planned by railway - as it's my favorite one & in return, I planned for the Air journey - to feel  the new experience.  

 20 days more to go after booking the ticket. My excitement was increasing  day by day as the date was coming nearer. I booked the Indigo flight in return as it  was comfortable for me on my pocket as well as time.  

Finally the day came 25th May, I boarded the train Pune-Indore Express at 3.20pm from Pune Railway station. After being freshened up, as i arrived directly from office to board the train, i had some refreshment and started reading the book "Second Spring"  by Sandhya Jane. Reading the book to spend the time is my most favorite part while traveling through Train. 

 Next morning, I reached indore by 8.30am.After getting freshened up and having breakfast at sister's home, i got busy in wedding arrangements.

 Next day at Wedding Place, Guests started coming and simultaneously functions also. It didn't got stuck to mind how time went by in functions and wedding ceremony. 

Took  rest on 28th morning and had lunch by 2pm. After packing up the stuffs, I departed for the airport at 5pm though the flight was at 8pm.

  The time came nearby and the excitement increased. As soon as I reached the airport, my eyes started to wander here-and-there as it was first time for me to see the airport.

At the entrance gate, the security police asked to verify ticket and ID card. It is very important as on Security point of view to avoid  any unauthorized & Illegal entry. As i was new to all the procedures need to follow before boarding the plane, I asked the Indigo Company men what all process needs to follow who were there to help the passengers. 

   As per his instructions. I kept my trolley bag at counter for security check. then I get into the line to collect the boarding pass. As there were many passengers in the queue, I was watching the ICC Champions trophy Warm up match at LED Screen that was put in the Airport Premises for passengers, waiting for my turn to come.

After collecting the boarding pass, I went over the small beverage cum snacks stall to enjoy a small cup of tomato soup.  Also took some selfies and single pics of self during the time.

After 2nd stage security checking, I waited in at the lounge for on boarding. Must say, the security police are very strict. even they don't allow water bottle inside, Only 100ml of water is permitted to carry. 

     Finally  the time arrived to board the plane. The Indigo bus came to take passengers from terminal to the plane.

  Both the sides there were planes and the Ground team were checking if all is fine or not in plane.. 

       I Entered the Plane after warmly greeted by the Air Hostess. Getting on to the seat, was feeling awesome. 

After all the passengers got in, The air hostess started to give instructions for tying the seat belt.

 Further, the air hostess started instructing us regarding the use of emergency exits and escape methods and safety precautions to be followed in Emergency time.  

 Finally, the Captain announced to fly. Excitement was on its Peak. The moment the plane started leaving the runway, i look outside the beautiful moment of watching leaving the land & watching from the Plane's window. 

   As soon as plan reached the stable height, the outside view was no less than like heaven in the night.....
  It was like I was flying between the clouds and the moon seems to be just few distance away from me. No doubt the view of earth from sky was an awesome and storing it in eye forever. 

  After some time, the hostess reached out to each passengers asking for refreshment snacks if they needed. I ordered for Mayonnaise-Tomato Sandwich & Coke.

   It was just 50 minutes journey.Soon the landing time came closer, i captured the beautiful outside scene in my Lumia phone. Have a look...

 Finally the plane landed. Air hostess thanked us for choosing the INDIGO  for the journey. Indeed it was a New experience to go through.  

Though it is not a first time for many but, still some of  us are waiting to turn this dream true.

    Hope it happens soon 😉 ! Happy Journey !!

   If you like my First experience, do not forget to share your views in the comment section below..

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