Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Mini Kashmir.....


           Enjoying the first experience in itself is a special feeling. Being passionate about traveling, traveled across many places alone. But the  Enjoyment in enjoying the journey with group of adventurous people like you has its own Charm.

   After spending Two & half years in Pune, was lucky enough to enjoy 2 days free from the usual  Monday to Friday office Life, with no mobile network coverage...

   Luckily, got to know about this Mini Kashmir Tapola  through the PALS-Passionate Adventurous Lively Soul,  a adventurous group made by couple of  friends almost 7 months ago with motive to introduce  the people to the beauty of nature, leaving behind the daily routine and enjoy the lovely moments.

  17th-18th of June'17 was fixed for the visit of  Mini Kashmir. Picking up the enthusiastic people across the Journey, the bus finally took its route towards the Tapola. At first, it was  somewhat awkward to interact with others who were in their own group of friends. 

   As soon as the bus got on its way, this feeling of awkwardness started disappearing slowly.  We started interacting with each other. Enjoying the journey with group of people together, without playing Antakshri & DumSheras,  is not possible.This gave a spark to our excitement in journey.

        After enjoyment of 3-4 hrs in traveling, we finally reach near by Tapola.  We stopped the bus along the roadside to enjoy the mesmerizing view of mountains.

   Finally, we reached our destination  Tapola. The natural scenes of Mini Kashmir were not letting our eyes to get distracted. Really it is Mini Kashmir.

  Post  Homely Lunch, we started to move down to riverside.


    It was time for the mud-bath. One by One, everyone started entering into the mud area. Everyone started to throw mud on each other. Playing the tug-of-war & Volleyball  in the mud was an awesome experience. 
 After the Mud-bath Experience, we enjoyed the Barbecue & DJ Floor with DJ Cheetah.
DJ night with DJ Cheetah(insight)
  Any Campaign is incomplete without the bonfire.

 The jamming Session by Shruti and Vaibhav was full  "Paisa-wasool".  
  After the dinner which almost lasted past midnight, we had Musical chair round won by Arko Roy,   followed by Balloon & the rope game. Playing the game, despite being tired, was in itself a thrilling experience
               After a sweet sleep,  and a stumptuous breakfast, we started our trekking on the mountain along the next side of river. 
  Along the riverside, we did Mannequin Challenge. Watch out its video...

            You get sigh of relief when you have the water into your mouth after  thirst while trekking the mountain.

   The trek was quite risky on return. But team effort made the trek more exciting. Some Moments of trekking.....

  The DDLJ's Pose..

 After the fun trek, we had Lunch and started our journey back to Pune after a wonderful weekend. 
   Indeed it was a great first time experience for me. Got new friends & amazing memories with them. 
           It was well managed and fun filled event organized by PALS.  PALS' volunteers didn't let us feel that they are the organizers, they got mixed up with us and enjoyed the journey along with us. 
   Thanks to PALS for organizing such amazing event.  Thanks to all my friends for making me comfortable along the Journey.

To know more about PALS, visit: https://www.facebook.com/PALSLAND/

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